Since solar feed-in-tariffs and government rebate schemes made solar PV systems so affordable and accessible, they have spread across thousands of Australian homes and businesses.

Although their popularity stems from their ability to generate free, clean, and renewable energy with no need for intensive maintenance regimes, no technological masterpiece is exempt from problems. Solar panels need to undergo testing by trained solar specialists to ensure they are functioning at their peak and free from faults for long term performance.

According to our experts, your solar panel testing every five years is essential for several reasons. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the most important.

Proactively Preventing Fires

The more advanced the technology, the easier it is for electrical faults to arise and remain undetected without trained eyes. Although not a common occurrence, rooftop solar PV panels have had electrical faults that have sparked fires.

In the case of fire, especially considering Australia’s recent bushfires, being proactive rather than retroactive is essential. By professionally testing your solar panels periodically, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the electrical cabling and components are safe, functional, and free from fire-starting faults. If any faults are found, the solar technician will be able to remedy them quickly and efficiently.

Eliminating Electrocution Risks

Where electricity is concerned, proper grounding is essential to eliminate electrocution risks. Although solar PV panels generate energy from the sun, this is converted into the same electrical currents of traditional power systems – so they need to be grounded too.

As solar power systems tend to last 25 to 30 years, the possibility of their grounding systems deteriorating increases as they age. If this happens, touching any metal area of the system can result in electrocution.

Aside from the danger of the electrical current throwing you off of your roof, solar panels hold very high voltage arrays, meaning the likelihood of fatal electrocution or maiming is huge. Testing your solar panels every five years ensures that any grounding issues are identified and rectified proactively.

Fulfilling Warranties

Many warranties and component guarantees actually require periodic solar panel testing. This is to ensure that their safety and energy generation performance is up to industry standards.

As you can see, professionally testing your solar PV panels every five years is essential for their functionality, safety, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. And when the time comes for testing, make sure to use qualified Master Electricians who specialise in solar power – like Bellingers Electrical Contracting.

Boasting extensive experience and accreditation, our solar technicians will use the latest equipment and industry standards when we do solar panel testing. With us, peace of mind and sound energy-efficiency recommendations are guaranteed!

Contact us for a free quote today or call our technicians directly on 0418 231 309 to book your testing.

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