Every business relies on electricity; whether it powers the devices you use or the services you offer. When you’re moving locations, it may be tempting to call your trusty home sparky.

This is a mistake that many Townsville business owners make. Unfortunately, these electricians are not experienced with the size, nor complexity of commercial electrical systems.

Considering the complicated components, pricey fittings, and extreme electrical currents, the risks just aren’t worth the (potential) reward!

With so much on the line, hiring an electrician who specialises in commercial properties is critical – especially when you’re moving.

Here’s why.

Why Commercial Electricians Are A Must When Moving

Code Compliant

Commercial electricians are well-versed in the specific commercial codes, regulations, and legislations. They’re also aware of how these change depending on the type of location you’re moving to.

Using an electrician who’s already armed with this information is crucial to stay safe, legal, and operational. This way, you can be confident that your new location’s electrical system will be up to code and the highest standards!

Experience And Expertise

Without the help of an experienced commercial electrician, you could have a costly catastrophe on your hands. They have the specialised skills and expertise you need to ensure workplace safety hazards are eliminated.

These skills are especially important when moving locations. To stay safe and legal, you’ll need to know precisely what needs to be done before and after moving. This will vary based on the type of property you’re moving to.

From restaurants to offices, malls, and more, your electrical needs must be evaluated by a commercial electrician. They’ll know exactly what electrical wiring, voltage levels, and infrastructure you need.

Preparing For The Move

Step 1: Gather Information

  • Number and types of electrical equipment that needs moving
  • Voltage levels required for each
  • Locations of electrical connections (phone lines, cash registers, etc.)
  • Type of lighting needed in new location (automated, recessed, etc.)

Step 2: Commercial Evaluation

Once you’ve got the desired details on hand, call a commercial Townsville electrician. Book an electrical evaluation to assess the needs of your new location.

Step 3: Permit Process

If you’re satisfied with your commercial electrician’s suggestions, it’s time to proceed with permits. They’ll put together a detailed plan to present to the relevant council. This way, they can secure your permit and begin their work.

It’s clear that commercial electricians are a crucial ingredient for a successful move in Townsville! But, who do you choose?

At Bellingers Electrical, we boast a team of highly experienced, licensed, and insured, commercial electricians. After years in the business of powering businesses, enjoy peace of mind knowing that all our work will be safe, legal, and shockingly good!

Whether you’re moving or malfunctioning, call us!

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