It’s no secret that solar power systems pave the way to a future of free energy from the ever-replenishing rays of our sun. And after your initial investment, your solar panels will pay for themselves within four to six years!

Home and business owners across Australia are scrambling to install solar panels for their renewable and clean energy, feed-in-tariffs, and government rebate schemes. However, many wonder why such advanced technology only requires infrequent, minimal maintenance services.

Let’s take a closer look!

They’re Built To Last

Generally, newly installed solar panels will continue to generate renewable energy efficiently for 25 to 30 years before beginning to decline! Only then will significant maintenance be needed.

Simply put, solar panels are built to last. In fact, according to our specialist solar contractors, this decline is likely to go unnoticed – even after three decades without any significant maintenance regimes. Most solar panels will still be functioning at 85 per cent at least!

Less Parts, Less Problems

Inspired by the motto of mechanics; more parts mean more problems. And the more moving parts, the more maintenance that would be required.

Solar power systems, although highly technical, are relatively simple in terms of parts. They are comprised of only a few parts, none of which are moving. As they have fewer parts, there are less structural features to maintain. And as their small number of parts don’t move, the opportunity for malfunctions and breakdowns is few and far between.

Designed With The Sun In Mind

It’s rare to find a technological feat of human ingenuity that can actually withstand the weather for long periods. Mother Nature truly is a force to be reckoned with!

However, solar panels are not only designed to endure the elements, but literally rely on them for their continued functioning. They are manufactured to withstand prolonged intense sunlight and temperatures, and require this to produce energy.

They also rely on the wind (albeit, not gale force) and rain to help keep them clear of buildups of dust, dirt, pollen, and debris.

Now, this is not to say that solar panels need no maintenance at all. Although infrequent, you will require professional solar panel maintenance services from time to time to ensure your solar system is free from faults and functioning at peak energy-efficiency.

When the time comes for maintenance, call Queensland’s solar panel specialists; Bellingers Electrical Contracting!

After years of helping countless homes and businesses transcend traditional power sources through solar, we’ve got the expertise you need. We will test, clean, maintain, and repair your panels at affordable prices, exceeding your expectations rather than your budget.

Get in touch with one of our solar specialists for a free quote today!

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