Both photovoltaic (PV) and solar-thermal solar panels are incredibly important and beneficial. They generate free, renewable electricity from the sun’s rays. They can convert sunlight into electricity for your property or even transfer the sun’s heat to heating and ventilation systems. So, why are solar panels so important? Two reasons. For the consumer, they offer free energy and the ability to qualify for government rebates and feed-in-tariffs. For the environmentally-conscious society and our planet, they offer invaluable benefits. Let’s take a closer look!

Prevent Air Pollution From Power Plants

Coal power plants may claim to filter their emissions. However, trace amounts of these toxic pollutants are found across our atmosphere – one of these being mercury, which contaminates our environment and poisons our flora, fauna, wildlife, and loved ones. Solar panels, on the other hand, produce zero emissions and pollutants. The more solar panels that are installed, the less reliance we have on coal plant-produced energy and the more we can prevent its pollution from contaminating our air.

Protect Resources

Solar energy is renewable energy, as it is converted by our ever-replenishing sun. Coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power is taken directly from natural, non-renewable resources to generate power. This damages our environment and plunders the limited natural resources we need to preserve.

Preserve Natural Habitats

Unfortunately, mining for substances like coal and uranium devastate the surrounding natural habitats and ecosystems. Heavy-duty machinery, waste products, and severe disruptions to the environment result in barren, unusable, and even contaminated lands once all the resources have been mined. Aside from the irreparable environmental destruction, these mines are also incredibly dangerous for the miners who work there. Many die or are maimed on the job, while others often suffer from chronic illnesses caused by breathing in trace pollutants.

Ensure Energy Independence

When a nation relies on other nations to power their societies through oil and other fuel sources, they are essentially slaves to their suppliers. Unfortunately, as most suppliers are in a position of power thanks to having the lion’s share of invaluable fuel sources, many countries have found themselves compromising their safety or principles to preserve the delicate trade relationship they have developed. By switching to solar panels, communities and countries can decrease or even eliminate their dependence on foreign fuel sources, thereby eliminating the need to conform to stay in their suppliers’ proverbial ‘good books.’

As you can see, solar panels are important for some very real reasons that affect our society and planet as a whole – and not just our daily lives as cash-conscious consumers. If you are ready to contribute to the solar power movement and free our nation from dependence on foreign interests, our planet from pollutants, and yourself from costly power sources, come to Bellingers Electrical Contracting! We are the local specialists in solar panels and installing them to ensure the most value for your money.

Contact us now so that we can guide you in choosing the right model and size for your power needs!

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