Everyone can be a DIY specialist nowadays, ‘licensed’ by Youtube. There are thousands of step-by-step videos for everything from electrical outlet replacements to major projects like rewiring a home and wiring a new solar panel.

It must be a perfect money saver, yes? And when should you put down your screwdriver and call a professional?

Simple answer: always!  A certified electrician should be called for absolutely any electrical work in your home.  By DIY-ing you risk injury, death, damage to your home, and damage to expensive appliances.

Here are example items that always require a trained professional.

  1. Electrical Outlet Installation & Replacement

Yes, sorry, stop and step away with your non-grounded shoes. Many a layman will post a Youtube video about installing your own electrical outlets. Easy peasy, they say, turn off the room’s circuit breaker, and the rest is simple.

Wrong! Work relating to electrical power outlets or light switches requires a trained, certified electrician. Its simplicity is where things go wrong.

Your best outcome would be non-functional outlet. Or you could damage your hardware or cause a fire. Please call us 

  1. Light Fixture Repair & Replacement

New light fixtures are brilliant interior décor elements which can add a huge, cost-effective wow factor to a room!

Back to Youtube, yes? Removing the old fixture, twisting those loose bits together and pop on the new light. Done! Actually, you can wire and install a new light fixture completely incorrectly and blow it.

Is the fitting aligned to the power outage? Does it need a transformer? What size and type of transformer?  Please call us

  1. Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Ceiling fans are fabulous for keep mozzies at bay and getting a wonderful indoor breeze going and delaying AC use! Our light fitting homeowners are game to do ceiling fan installations so we have seen quite a few new, broken ones.

This is really dangerous and completely against the law to lay new wires yourself. Licensed professionals only please.

  1. Electrical Distribution Board

The distribution board receives the full load of electricity from the main grid and divides it up or blocks it based on the circuit breakers installed on the board. This is an incredibly important little power station. It is also extremely technical and even an inexperienced electrician can make a mistake on these.

Poor knowledge leads to poor power quality and this will put your whole home at risk!

  1. Extension Installation

You want to upgrade your back garden shed and so you quickly run an extension cord to the house. This is against the law, unstable and won’t withstand UV corrosion! Please call us.

Using a licensed, insured Master Electrician will reduce your risk of shorts and fires by keeping wiring correctly spaced.  It will ensure your home complies with building codes which is what you need in order to sell your home in the future.  It will avoid expensive damage to your home or appliances.

Keep your home compliant and keep your family safe by calling Bellingers Electrical Contracting, your top performing local electrician, for affordable installations, testing, and maintenance of all your electrical work in Queensland!  With many years of experience, training and insurance, we have the expertise you need.  Your expectations will be exceeded rather than your budget.

Get in touch with one of our solar specialists for a free quote today

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