With everything happening in the world currently, it is easy to lose track of some of the important things that could make life a bit easier. Things are becoming more expensive, so anything that can relieve our pockets is always welcome. With solar panel prices falling, electricity rates increasing and feed-in tariffs as an incentive, transitioning to solar power is an easy decision. However, calculating the size and how many solar panels would be sufficient for your daily usage would be something you need to know.

What’s On Your Electricity Bill?

Regardless of when you receive your energy bill, it’ll have all the details of your daily usage. This outline will help you have a better understanding of how much energy you need, as well as where you can limit high electricity usage. The average Australian home with three bedrooms making moderate use of air-conditioning units would generally need a solar panel system generating an average of 15kWh per day. That gives you a better understanding of the size of the solar panel you should install.

What’s Your Daily Usage Of Electricity?

As you may be aware, some areas in Australia are prone to more sunlight hours during the day than others. This has a significant impact on your decision on the size of the solar panel installations you want to get. To make a more sound choice, think more about the electricity you use during the day. So, for a home that uses about 17-20kWh daily usage with one-third being used during the day, a solar system of 2kW would ideally be sufficient for your home.

How Many Panels Do You Need To Offset Electricity Usage?

You can tell how many kWh you’re using in a year and work out your daily usage by dividing it by 365. So, if you used 4000kWh in the year would use about 10kW per day. If that was your usage and you lived in Sydney, for example, you’d divide your 10kWh usage by Sydney’s 3.9kWh per installed kW – giving them 2.8. As a result, you’d need a 2.8kW sized solar panel to generate renewable energy in Sydney.

This is a simple and useful method to get a general idea of how much energy you use as well as what you can expect to pay. However, it is far better to get professional recommendations and insights from an accredited installer. Get in touch with us at Bellingers Electrical Contracting for solar panel installations.

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