Electricity is a dangerous, destructive element if not handled with care, skill, and strategic insights. When you need electrical work done, you’re going to reach out to an electrician. But what level of electrician do you need? Did you know there were different levels?

Let me explain. Your standard electrician is known as a journeyman. They can work without being supervised; however, their abilities and expertise are limited. Then you get Master Electricians, who are—you guessed it―masters of their trade.

Master Electrician have undergone extensive education and training, and as such, are afforded more privileges and hold unbounded electrical abilities. They should be your first choice for electrical work for several reasons, but before we dive in, what makes a Master Electrician?

What Makes A Master Electrician

An electrician can only be considered a master once an accredited member of the Master Electricians Australia (MEA). To become a member, they would first need to prove their worth. Accreditation is only given to electricians who:

  • Have mastered their trade
  • Are capable of and continue to provide safe, professional electrical services
  • Adhere to the standards, regulations, and safety measures of the electrical industry
  • Conduct their work ethically and transparently

They are required to have qualifications, credentials, licensing, and insurance; all of which are checked by the MEA, and essential for peace of mind and safety. In fact, Master Electricians are required to be armed with several things:

  • At least three years of experience
  • Proof of approved safety management system implementation
  • Proof of offering knowledgeable energy efficiency advice to clients
  • 12 month guarantee on all the work they perform
  • Adhere to the MEA Code of Conduct

If that’s not enough to persuade you of their prowess, then this will. Master Electricians have to pass strict safety and quality audits every year to keep their esteemed MEA membership. And if any customers complain, the MEA will follow up and revoke their accreditation if deemed necessary.

Why You Should Hire A Master Electrician

Backed by the industry-leading technical advice and world-renowned safety systems of the MEA, Master Electricians have the expertise you need to guarantee peace of mind, sound advice, safe and successful electrical work, and energy-efficient solutions.

They are fully insured and licensed masters of their trade, ensuring that you won’t be left with the burden of faulty work, compensation costs, or repairs. Their extensive experience and education in all levels of electrical work mean that no job is too small, big, or out-of-the-box; they can diagnose, solve, and prevent problems safely. The best part? Where large renovations or construction projects are concerned, Master Electricians are your only avenue for getting the permits you need.

As you can see, there is no better way to get your money’s worth for electrical work than through the accredited, world-class expertise of a Master Electrician.

So much so that the electricians at Bellingers Electrical Contracting have spent years of sleepless nights earning the title of Master Electricians themselves. Your safety and satisfaction are their priority, prompting them to immerse themselves in extensive career development to guarantee it.

If you need the expertise, guidance, or permits offered by Master Electrician, contact Bellingers Electrical today or call one of their Master Electricians directly on 0418 231 309 for a free quote!

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