Building or renovating does seem to have a long stream of teams coming and going, and whilst homeowners may find it confusing, it is the nature of the process.

The Stages

From a building contractor’s perspective in Townsville, construction can be divided into two main stages: wet and dry.

The wet stage is the messiest and is the initial phase. The house is unprotected from rain and the elements. The neater dry phase is when the majority of the interior electrical work is executed.

From an electrical contractor’s perspective in Townsville, the two stages are phase 1 – the rough in, and phase 2 – the finish or closing. This subject to the stage of the walls’ finishes.

The Phases and Stages

Start-up stage – A lot of construction machinery requires electricity so the electrical contractor will set up a temporary electric pole at this stage. A generator is also viable. Before the floor slab is thrown, electrical conduits are laid down. This is why it is vital ALL interior planning is signed off by the client before building starts.

Phase 1 – The Rough-in:
Once floors, windows, doors, etc. are installed the circuit wiring between the electric distribution box and the walls starts. Exhaust fans, the back-end of recessed lights etc are put up and fixed. All audio visual (AV) wiring, security system, etc. are also installed. This can take days to months depending on the complexity.

Interim stage – No major electrical changes can take place now. HVAC items are partially installed and some temporary lights and switches which are expected to be damaged by the ongoing building work.

Phase 2 – The Finish or Closing:
All switch boards, fans, appliances, lights, balance of HVAC systems and final external electrical items are installed. This should be the last phase as all electrical appliances are fitted and working. This can take days to months depending on the complexity.

Modifications stage – This is when the contractor and/or the client test everything and note down any snags.

There is usually requests for additional items or alterations.


It is always best to use licensed, qualified, experienced professionals who come with good referrals. The above overview of the process is highly simplified and it much more complex in reality with many factors impacting on progress. Signed off decisions is usually a huge delaying factor with major knock-on implications to project timing.

For your building project’s electrical contractor requirements in Townsville call Bellingers Electrical Contracting for affordable, reliable, insured work! Our highly experienced team works smoothly, efficiently and conscientiously. Your expectations will be exceeded rather than your budget.

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