Visualising your dreams for a new home build isn’t easy. So, why not flip the switch and make use of local residential electrical services in Townsville? This is a great way to visualise your layout and exactly how you’re going to plan each room.

An electrician will help you make decisions that focus on function and feng shui. But, to make things easier for you, we’ve gathered some top tips for an electrical and lighting plan to help visualise your dream home!

#1 PowerPoint Placement

Generally, out of sight, out of mind is the golden standard for power points. Hiding them behind things like sideboards and cupboards are a stealthy solution for table lamps or TVs. But, hidden power points are not a practical choice when you need space for chargers or wifi boosters. Place power points close to where you’d work on your laptop, such as dining tables, and use creative covers to hide them. This will also help you visualise the layout of your living areas and plan according to your PowerPoint placement.

#2 Logical Lighting

Spending time with an electrician designing your home’s lighting plan is a great way to visualise how your dream home will look. With lighting, form should follow function! Before deciding how to brighten up your interiors, you need to imagine what you’ll be doing in each room and the type of lighting that would best fit those needs. You need to ask yourself questions like ‘what will I do in this room?’ and ‘how will I arrange my furniture?’.

#3 Considering Control Panel Placement

In today’s technologically transformed world, there are control panels for just about everything! From cooling to heating, lighting and home security – you need to decide on a control panel plan to visualise the layout of your home. The focus here is function and form. You’ll need to think about where your panels will be the most practical and the least obtrusive. For example, you could place your security control panel in your bedroom for ease of access and safety. And far away from any artwork you’d like to draw attention to!

These are just some ways residential electrical services can help you visualise your dream Townsville home! For more help with planning your layout and electrical systems, contact us at Bellingers Electrical Contracting. Our expert team of electricians will provide electrical solutions that are practical and pretty.

Need advice? Give us a call today!

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