It’s no secret that electrical maintenance contracting is an irritating endeavour for many businesses in Australia. The varying standards of industrial and commercial electrical services range from exceptional, to well, not so good. Reliability is another issue. Excellent electrical maintenance contractors are rare and often in a different league from the average. This makes finding an electrical maintenance contractor difficult.

The Do’s: A Checklist of Requirements and Questions for Contractors

Anything electrical requires efficiency and knowledge. Electrical maintenance, therefore, needs technical standards to be carried out. Without skill, training, and attention to detail, maintenance services can fail.

The requirements are fundamental:

  • A comprehensive maintenance schedule and plan
  • Clear coverage of all safety issues concerning installations, power and wiring
  • An appropriate and concise business reporting methodology
  • Full statutory compliance in installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems

It is essential to ask the right questions when hiring an electrical maintenance contractor. In doing so, you can qualify the person or company you’re hiring. Asking a question like “what steps should be taken to upgrade my electrical systems?” is a good place to start. A competent electrician will not hesitate to answer, because they have a key insight into various electrical systems.

When asking, “what scheduling plan do you think is the best move for our business?” the answer is obvious. Regular scheduling is paramount. It’s a necessary practice and will benefit you and your business in the long run. Electrical systems need to be consistently checked, and parts replaced when your systems are malfunctioning.

Make sure that your questions are answered with clear, professional answers. Your electrical maintenance contractor should show exceptional knowledge of safety standards, regulations, best practices, and appropriate measures to take when dealing with system issues.

There are things that you need to avoid when seeking electrical maintenance contracting services, such as inadequacy service under contract, overlooking performance standards and a performance management process. Other factors include auditing maintenance of electrical systems, and verifying their legitimacy.

Make sure that when you select your contractor, they are the best in the business. Your electrician should have the experience and know-how to manage electrical systems. Top electrical maintenance companies will always ensure safety, improve productivity, and eliminate downtime. If you were looking for a good investment in hiring an electrical maintenance contract, by any standards, this should be it.

Get in touch with us at Bellingers Electrical Contracting for exceptional electrical maintenance contracts. We have the experience, qualifications and insight that you’re looking for.

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