Switch Board Upgrades

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Unfortunately, switchboards that were made a decade or two ago are simply not able to handle modern electricity demands and can actually pose a danger to you and your family or employees. Today’s homes have many more power-hungry appliances and electronic devices than the homes of the past.

The obvious solution to this problem is a switchboard upgrade to ensure that your home or business’s power usage is handled and processed correctly. At Bellingers Electrical, we perform safe, neat, and effective switchboard upgrades, repairs, and installations in the Thuringowa area.

Time For A Switch Board Upgrade?

The rule of thumb when it comes to switchboards is that if it is over fifteen years old, it most likely needs replacing. Switchboards created a decade and a half ago were not built to handle modern appliances, and are quite incapable of effectively handling modern electricity usage. If you have an older switchboard, some of the warning signs may include:

But the age of your switchboard is not the only reason for an upgrade. You may need a switchboard upgrade if you have exposed or loose wiring (which can be very dangerous) as well as water damage or broken breakers. If your home has been struck by lightning; that may also be a reason to upgrade.

Neat And Professional Switch Board Upgrades And Installations

Because switchboards play such an integral part in protecting the wiring and electrical appliances of your home and business, it is imperative that you use a trusted and professional company when upgrading your switchboard. Another reason to go to respected experts is that replacing a switchboard is a complex task that is a lot more than simply taking the old one off and connecting the new switchboard. It needs to be done with precision and expertise!

Bellingers Electrical has been in the industry for many years now, and when upgrading your switchboard with us you can rest assured that we will do a safe, neat, and professional job that will protect your property, and meet all industry standards. We are completely compliant with the Australian Standard AS3000 and meet all the relevant requirements.

We take our time when upgrading and installing your new switchboard and ensure that we perform all the tests and upgrades necessary for a safe and efficient system. All the wiring and labeling we do is neat and precise so that you can easily operate the switchboard.

If your switchboard is over 15 years old, or you are experiencing any switchboard issues, you may want to look at getting a switchboard upgrade to protect the wiring of your home or business. Put your trust in our expert team at Bellingers Electrical in Thuringowa, Queensland.

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