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Bellingers Electrical – Townsville’s Commercial and Solar Electricians.

From residential and commercial solar applications to installation of large scal chiller plants.

We pride ourselves on thie highest quality service at an affordable price and use only trusted brands.

Above all we believe that being proactive, reliable and transparent with our customers. Furthermore this ensures that they get exactly what they want the first time.

Want the best Solar in Townsville?
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22 x Tier 1 panels

  • 1 x 5.0kW SMA inverter
  • Subject to site visit
  • Local Accredited Installers
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Approx $4000 to $5000


At Bellingers Electrical, quality solar and electrical solutions are what we are best known for. We’ve delivered, installed and provided sustainable energy solutions to Townsville and it’s surrounding areas so that residents and businesses can flourish through the year. It is our commitment to approaching every customer need with effective and efficient services when they need them the most. As expert electricians, we strive to continuously be seen as the leading contactors and providers solar electricity throughout the Townsville area.

Solar: What We Stand For

Our proactive, honest and transparent beliefs are what makes us stand out from the rest. We endeavour to be the most reliable solar contractors to all our clients. We take on any size project because we know our capabilities. Furthermore, our customers know that they will be able to receive the services that they sought out for, with high guaranteed results.

No matter what it is you need, from simple power-point relocation to residential and commercial solar applications and the installation of large scale chiller plants, we’ll get the job done.

Convenience That Works

We are aware that we live in a time that sustainable energy is a need and it’s demand expands every day, especially in Australia. We also know that the price of getting anything that will make your life better often doesn’t come cheap. This is why we provide cost-effective, competitive rates on all our services. This does not mean that we will compromise the quality of our products and services, instead, it assures you that we have your best interest at heart, by any means necessary.

If you’re wondering why you need a solar panel or want to understand what the process of solar installations, our electricians are always willing to answer any and all questions you have about our products and services. We take customer service and their satisfaction seriously!

Our Commitment To You And The Environment

We’re reducing your carbon footprint as much as we are about our own. We’re also in the business of ensuring that energy costs don’t bankrupt you or the integrity of the environment. At Bellingers Electrical, we pride ourselves in our quality of work and our unparalleled level of dedication to a bright future through solar energy. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, on-site while we’re working as well as ensuring that our services work for you, across the electrical field is something to marvel over. You should check it out yourself.

We have a range of systems and products for you to have a look at. And if you have any questions about any of them, speak to our friendly contractors today.

Contact us today for solar installations, we’re always happy to help you out.

3.7 kW Solar

12 Q-CELL 310W Panels
$4990 or $98 / month

6.5 kW Solar

21 Q-CELL 325W Panels
$7600 or $152 / month

8.5 kW Solar

26 SUNPOWER 327W Panels
$12300 or $242 / month