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Bellingers Electrical Contracting knows how much you value your home, how hard you work to ensure that it looks beautiful and is maintained exceptionally well. We understand that any hindrances to your daily routines can cause you stress and potentially lots of money. This is why we provide domestic electrical services at comprehensive rates, if and when you need it the most!

You can trust Bellingers Electrical domestic electrical technicians in Townsville to carry out neat, efficient, affordable and effective electrical maintenance and wirings in your home. We have worked in many residential properties within the Townsville area, as well as surrounding areas. No matter the location, our experts will come to you! 

Electrical Technicians Dedicated To Serving Townsville Residents

As locals, we know Townsville and understand the needs of our neighbours. Our electricians have worked in the area for years and have come to understand further the problems that you’re faced with, especially electrical problems. From our knowledge and skill-set, we can assist with installations, maintenance and repairs of electrical systems. From outdoor lighting to home generators, we’re able to bring you the solutions you need. When working with us, you can rely on our expertise to promptly attend to your needs efficiently. We back our services with 100% workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed!

Whatever your electrical needs may be, our expert electrical contractors in Townsville are sure to do an excellent job!

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Electrical work is not only complicated, but it is dangerous. It is often better to have the experts handle electrical work, instead of attempting to handle it yourself so that you’re in the clear.

Attempting to perform electrical work at home by yourself can lead to more hazards than the initial problem. Electrical shocks can cause lifelong and irreversible damage, not just to yourself, but to your family members and electrical appliances too.

Our electricians are always on call to handle your residential needs. As professional electricians, we have the correct tools, knowledge and experience necessary to perform our jobs safely and efficiently.

Enhanced Electrical Work

Our industry is always changing; electrical appliances are getting smarter and more efficient, and the only thing that changes about us is how we meet these requirements and demands. Year in and year out, our electricians keep a close eye on changing trends in residential electrical work and upskill to meet the demands of our customers’ needs.

Whether your home is newly built or has stood the test of time, it will require wiring that will support smart-home devices or even to meet the electrical load of multiple appliances and other systems. We are able to perform a complete rewiring and installation of a whole new switchboard to ensure that your home electrical system is running efficiently and that your family is safe.

Make sure that you have a team that is capable of handling these demands with ease. Call Bellingers Electrical Contracting!

What We Do

At Bellingers Electrical, there is very little that our electricians can’t do when it comes to domestic electrical installations and maintenance.

We will evaluate your home’s current wiring and other electrical systems. If we find that there’s significant need to support your electrical usage, any repair required can be as simple as rearranging circuits or a much more extensive electrical repair in and around the house.

We will install the needed additional electrical circuits, replace old fixtures and install new appliances so that you can get back to running your home smoothly. Our aim is to see your home running at an optimal level, and for your electrics and wiring to be safe for you and your family for years to come.

Electrical Emergencies

Our team is ready to help when electrical emergencies hit. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if hazardous electrical faults occur or when lightning strikes your residence. Even if you’re experiencing minor electrical problems, consider it a big problem and call us! Our electrical domestic technicians in Townsville are always available and can be at your home in no time! In the case of an electrical emergency, it is always best to call a professional!

Domestic Solar Panel Installation

One of our more specialised domestic electrical services is solar panel installation. We have helped many residential homes take a step towards a greener and more sustainable future through our professional, domestic solar panel installations. For those suffering from overly high electrical bills, this is the solution for you.

Why Bellingers Electrical?

We are local electricians in Townsville with a track record of excellence in residential electrical work. We aim to always provide our customers with the best service and quality solutions on every job, every time!