As Australian businesses flex and adapt to prosper post-pandemic, many smaller organisations find themselves needing to cut down on unnecessary costs to stay profitable. While larger companies are bouncing back swiftly, small businesses and startups are still struggling to get their bearings.

If this is you – you’ve come to the right place! Focusing on reducing your bills is a great way to save money. And one of the biggest bills to tackle in our digitally-driven world is energy! Our electrical technicians have noted that most businesses struggle with energy inefficiency to some extent. And the more electricity your establishment uses unnecessarily, the more money you waste. So our technicians have revealed their top electrical efficiency tips to help you save!

#1 Energy Efficiency Inspections

Before you make any drastic changes, it’d help if you had an idea of your baseline energy consumption and exactly what improvements are needed. An energy audit from experienced electrical technicians involves a full inspection to identify any air leaks, insulation issues, malfunctions, and opportunities to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting and equipment.

#2 ENERGYSTAR-Rated Equipment

Make sure to only purchase or lease ENERGYSTAR-rated equipment from now on. This rating means that the appliances have been evaluated and found to be energy-efficient. This is especially helpful in managing your energy costs proactively rather than retroactively.

#3 Leverage Your Landscape

This is a lesser-known but particularly lucrative tip. If you have any control over the landscape surrounding your business, use it strategically to ensure energy-savings for your business. For example, you could plant trees to block winds or offer shade to reduce your heating and cooling costs!

#4 Forego Phantom Energy

Phantom energy can be especially wasteful, as it is being consumed while appliances and equipment are plugged in but not actually in use. Most equipment that is plugged in will still use energy and cost you, so try to shut everything off at the plug points when not being used. A more efficient way to do this would be to connect your computer peripherals to surge protector strips – one switch will let you shut down multiple devices at once.

#5 Fans Are Your Friend

Fans are significantly less costly to run than HVAC units and have a surprisingly great cooling effect on hot days. And on those scorchers, fans can be used in conjunction with your HVAC unit, as the airflow they create takes the pressure off your HVAC and allows it to run more efficiently!

With our electrical technicians’ tactical tips, you will be able to cut costs and enjoy energy-savings that help your small business get back on its feet post-pandemic. If you would like help to increase your business’ energy-efficiency, an electrical inspection, or upgrades and replacements of equipment and appliances, get in touch with us at Bellingers Electrical Contracting!

As a family-run business, we understand the costs of business and family – especially since COVID-19. Our mission is to help businesses and homeowners alike enjoy clean, cost-effective energy and the lifestyles they deserve.

Contact us today for your free quote!

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