Installing solar panels in your home will be the most rewarding investment you’ve ever made. Solar panels generate clean, renewable, sustainable, and free energy from the sun’s rays. Not only is the sun ever-replenishing, but Australia is lucky enough to have the highest solar radiation per square metre in the world!

Essentially, there is no better energy source to use nor continent in which to do so. So much so, in fact, that the Australian government even offers incentives, allowing you to reduce installation service costs and sell excess electricity. Now that you’re ready for your solar panels, it’s time to prepare for the installation services! Let’s take a closer look.

Preparing For Solar Panel Installation Services

Current Electricity Needs

Before diving in headfirst, get an idea of your energy usage to help your solar contractor advise on the best system to suit your needs. Check a recent energy bill or try to estimate it based on your postcode and household size. The Australian government has an excellent resource to aid in your estimation here.

Select A Suitable Sized System

Now that you know your energy requirements, contact experienced solar panel contractors for guidance on choosing the best brand and system size for your needs. At Bellingers Electrical Contracting, we’re a family business and understand the costs of running a happy, healthy household. Our solar specialists’ priority is ensuring that you get the right system to fit your space, fill your needs, and stay within your budget. Feel free to contact us if you need help selecting solar panels for your home!

Figure Out The Financials

Talk to your solar panel contractor about the financial incentives you could enjoy from your solar system to cover some of the costs. Ask them whether you will need to apply for any state or federal solar incentives or if they can do so on your behalf. In Queensland, and depending on your system and property type, you may be eligible for:

  • Solar feed-in-tariffs (the ability to sell excess power back into the grid)
  • Small-Scale Technology Certificates (you may be eligible for $3,700 in rebates if your system is under 100kW)
  • Affordable energy plan (you may also be able to enjoy $50 per year in electricity rebates)

Check Your Contractor

To enjoy safe, cost-effective, and legal solar panel installation services, it’s important that your chosen solar contractor is honest and offers reliable, trustworthy information and products. At Bellingers Electrical, we value our transparency, standards, and system quality, above all. However, we can’t say the same for everyone else!

If you’re choosing an alternative contractor, we have some great advice for you. Check that your contractor has evidence of your panels’ validity, compliance with Australian standards, and warranty.

Other than that, leave the rest to us at Bellingers Electrical Contracting! After years of experience offering specialist solar panel installation services to home and business owners alike, we’ve accumulated a wealth of skills, insights, and techniques to ensure you get the most power possible from your panels.

Get in touch today to discuss your solar needs or request your free quote now!

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