Electricians of today are multi-talented individuals who are able to install new wiring to an entire shopping complex, repair existing installations, select high-tech components to interface with smart home setups and specify safety generators for bulk, high risk users.

If you are about to start the sourcing process we can only assume you will have ‘licensed’ and ‘trained’ as factors on your list of requirements.  These are both good starting points.  We would recommend that your requirements are bit more detailed than that to ensure you choose a Master Electrician.

We have compiled a list of qualities that will take your short list requirements to a far superior outcome:

1. Reliability

This is one of the most important characteristics of any contractor. You want your contractors to show up on time and act fast.  Without this, there will be a knock on effect to other contractors which could increase costs and cause project delays. Select candidates who have referrals that include a reference to their dependability in past roles.  Look at the reliability of their team members as well.

2. Communication

An electrician contractor will need to co-ordinate and be accountable to all people present on your project including you. To achieve this, it is essential that they communicate effectively as well as their team members. Delays or hiccups happen in projects and these must be communicated to allow contingency plans to be swiftly put into place. Communication helps customers and project managers feel reassured.

3. Solutions

A project presents contractors basic and complex problems, some planned and some unplanned.  The electrical contractor’s referrals should refer to how they coped when presented with problems.  This is amplified you have a project that only requires one electrician.  The ability to be resourceful with the RIGHT decisions is a valuable skill.

4. Time

A project that drags on can make you want to pull out your hair!  The ability to meet deadlines and finish a job on time is a rare skill in the building industry. It is essential for each contractor to have this skill and knock on effects quickly compound. Ensure you have accurate labour and cost estimates upfront. Their ability to predict the time will give you a gut feel immediately.

5. Detail

Health and safety is essential for all contractors, especially electricians! This requires paying attention to procedures. A cautious and detail-oriented methodology will provide this.  The electrician will also need a strong understanding and RESPECT of regulations.  This will also show in their business skills including invoicing, tracking of components bought for you, and strategic planning.

6. Master Certification

There are a lot of electricians out there that are TRAINED and licensed but only as a journeyman. This is the first step towards master certification. They still require a two-year qualification or four years of master electrician-managed intensive experience.  They must complete 8,000 recorded hours of that experience plus the exam.

Be certain of the experience and quality of electrical contractors arriving at your door by calling Bellingers Electrical Contracting. With many years of experience we have the correct Master electrician expertise for your project.  Your expectations will be exceeded rather than your budget.

Get in touch with one of our Master electricians for a free quote today

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