Domestic Solar Installation For Homeowners

Bellingers Electrical

At Bellingers Electrical, we have a team of domestic solar electricians in Townsville, and surrounding areas, who provide expert domestic solar panel installations for residential properties.

Are you ready to take the step towards a greener, more eco-friendly home by powering up your household through solar panels? Solar panels are a great investment, with long-term financial savings on electricity bills and more control over your household power management pushing more homeowners towards solar.

Take the step towards a greener future today and join other homeowners who are reaping solar rewards!

We Only Use Quality Products From Reputable Brands

We have a wide range of solar panel system products available, including inverters, panels and batteries. All of our products are carefully selected from reputable brands. We only use high-quality products when installing your solar system to ensure it performs at top efficiency for an extended period of time!

Advice From The Experts

If you are changing over from a traditional power source to solar power, there are many factors that you’ll have to consider. Our experts are able to evaluate your residence, its wiring and the average power consumption and advise which solar panel systems would be best for your household. 

We are also able to provide training to you and your family so that you know exactly how to use your new power system once your solar panels have been installed.

Professional Solar Panel Installation Services

There are three main types of solar panel systems, being off-grid, grid-tied and hybrid systems. Our expert team are able to install all if these systems neatly and seamlessly. Solar panels are usually installed discreetly on the roof of your home, in order to get maximum sunlight. However, we can install freestanding panels anywhere on your property. The way our installers angle your solar panels and erect them will ensure optimal performance and solar gains.

Our Process

We have installed dozens of domestic solar panel systems and have assisted many families in making a huge step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Do you need reliable and professional domestic solar panel installation services?

Bellingers Electrical are solar contractors for the domestic sector and we can assist you! Call or email us today for all of your domestic solar panel installation needs.