Commercial Solar Installation

Bellingers Electrical

Bellingers Electrical are solar contractors for the Townsville commercial sector; creating one energy-efficient property at a time! Is your business ready to take a step towards energy efficiency through a commercial solar panel system?

Solar panels are an investment your business needs as commercial solar power installations will save thousands in electricity costs for years to come, especially if your solar panel system is installed effectively and with the right equipment.

Many businesses are turning towards commercial solar power in Townsville.

Will you be one of them?

Let’s Help You Transition To Solar Today!

At Bellingers Electrical, we provide commercial solar panel installation services in Townsville and surrounding areas. We have assisted many businesses in making the transition from a traditional power source to solar power. Our extensive range of solar panel system products, including panels, inverters and batteries, are of the highest quality from respected brands and are sure to maintain the efficiency of your system for years to come!

Assessment, Recommendation And Training Provided

It is quite easy to assess what type of solar panel system would be most ideal for your business as businesses usually have a very regular power usage. Our experts are able to assess your commercial premises and help you choose whether an off-grid, grid-tied or hybrid system would be the best fit for you. Once your system has been installed, our team is able to train you and your employees about how to work your new power system.

Affordable, Trustworthy And Professional Services

Our team is able to provide comprehensive and extensive services when it comes to your commercial solar power installation needs. We are able to install a wide range of systems, for businesses both large and small. Whatever your power needs may be, we can help devise a solution using our high-quality solar panel products.

We Aim To Reach Solar Potential For Our Clients

Our experts can erect your solar panels discreetly on the roof of your building or elsewhere on your property. We ensure that we get the angle of installation just right so that we get you as much power from the sun’s rays as possible. Every one of our installations has an aim of efficiency, neat wiring and ease of use.

Ready To Reap The Rewards?

We have assisted dozens of business in Townsville with their commercial solar installations, and they have reaped many benefits. Take the step towards a more sustainable future with commercial solar panels and let us assist you!

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