Choosing The Right Contractor For Electrical Maintenance And Why You Need One

Queensland’s search results are saturated with hundreds of so-called ‘specialist’ electrical contractors. But are they licensed to offer these services? Do they have experience and insurance? What about their past customers? A lot goes into being an experienced, sought-after electrical contractor – much more than a beautiful website and top spot in Google’s search results. […]

4 Shocking Reasons Why DIY Electrical Maintenance Is A Bad Idea

Put your toolbelt down and step away from the fuse box! Us Aussies love getting our hands dirty with DIY jobs to make our lives easier and cheaper. But, in some cases, DIY will cost us more than it will save us. DIY electrical maintenance and installation, in particular, has many risks. You not only […]

The Do’s of Hiring Electrical Maintenance Contracts

It’s no secret that electrical maintenance contracting is an irritating endeavour for many businesses in Australia. The varying standards of industrial and commercial electrical services range from exceptional, to well, not so good. Reliability is another issue. Excellent electrical maintenance contractors are rare and often in a different league from the average. This makes finding […]