Why Hire A Commercial Electrician And How To Prepare

Every business relies on electricity; whether it powers the devices you use or the services you offer. When you’re moving locations, it may be tempting to call your trusty home sparky.

This is a mistake that many Townsville business owners make. Unfortunately, these electricians are not experienced with the size, nor complexity of commercial electrical systems.

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3 Benefits Of Hiring Local Commercial Electricians For Your Business

When an electrical emergency strikes, it’s tempting to turn to nationally known names to make sure your company gets the service it deserves.

Although the flashy branding of these colossal corporations may seem like a sure-fire sign that you’re dealing with the cream of the crop – it can mean the opposite.

With so many customers, chains of command, and bureaucratic paperwork in their way, you can easily get the short end of the stick! To make matters worse, their electrical technicians won’t be familiar with Townsville.

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3 Critical Questions To Ask Local Electricians Before Employing Them

When an electrical emergency strikes, searching for “electricians near me” or “local electricians” isn’t enough to find the help you need. The internet makes it easy to succumb to scammers!

Using unlicensed electricians is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal. Even without knowing, you could be liable for large fines.

To help you find the qualified help you need, here are three insightful questions to ask local electricians before hiring them.

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Residential Electrical Services Can Help You Visualise Your Dream

Visualising your dreams for a new home build isn’t easy. So, why not flip the switch and make use of local residential electrical services in Townsville? This is a great way to visualise your layout and exactly how you’re going to plan each room.

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4 Unbelievable Benefits Of Chiller Installations For Your Business

If your business has a large space that needs efficient cooling or heavy-duty machinery that generates a lot of heat, then you need a commercial chiller! Investing in a chiller installation in Townsville, the business will pay for itself over time. It will protect your equipment 24/7 and prevent pricey machinery being rendered useless by critical component burnouts.

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4 Shocking Reasons Why DIY Electrical Maintenance Is A Bad Idea

Put your toolbelt down and step away from the fuse box! Us Aussies love getting our hands dirty with DIY jobs to make our lives easier and cheaper. But, in some cases, DIY will cost us more than it will save us.

DIY electrical maintenance and installation, in particular, has many risks. You not only risk making the problem worse and causing costly damages, but it will even risk the safety of your Townsville home, yourself and your family!

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3 Unbelievable Benefits Of A Solar System Installation

Over the last 5 years, solar power system prices have dropped dramatically. This clean and renewable energy source is now cheap enough to be easily accessible for the average Aussie. In fact, your solar system will actually pay for itself! The monthly savings you make on electricity bills will accumulate over time and easily cover the costs of a solar installation in Townsville home!

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The Do’s of Hiring Electrical Maintenance Contracts

It’s no secret that electrical maintenance contracting is an irritating endeavour for many businesses in Australia. The varying standards of industrial and commercial electrical services range from exceptional, to well, not so good. Reliability is another issue. Excellent electrical maintenance contractors are rare and often in a different league from the average. This makes finding an electrical maintenance contractor difficult.

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Why You Need Chiller Installations For Your Business

There are many businesses throughout Australia that need cooling for large spaces, especially those in the industrial sector with heavy machinery that produce large outputs of heat. The amount of heat generated by these machines requires commercial chillers. Chiller installations are an excellent option to fulfil cooling needs. Here’s why you should get one.

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Australian Solar Owners Are Saving

Australian Solar Owners Are Saving More While Staying At Home Due To Covid-19

Solar Analytics has found that energy consumption during the coronavirus pandemic in households lockdown regulations has increased. This is the news we’re all happy about because this means that the onsite consumption of free solar power in these residential homes has also increased significantly.

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