Australian Solar Owners Are Saving More While Staying At Home Due To Covid-19

Solar Analytics has found that energy consumption during the coronavirus pandemic in households lockdown regulations has increased. This is the news we’re all happy about because this means that the onsite consumption of free solar power in these residential homes has also increased significantly.

It is no surprise that some Aussies abiding by regulations and staying indoors during the COVID-19 crisis are shocked by their energy bills at the end of each month. However, this will not be the case with the household using solar electricity, as they will save significantly on their power bills while working, schooling or relaxing from home.

The smart-monitoring company that assists rooftop PV owners to control their energy usage and generation, Solar Analytics, stated that 20% of homes in its 35, 000 fleet of solar sites had increased self-consumption of free solar power by over 15% since lockdown regulations

This has great financial benefits. It equates to approximately $62 in savings, on top of what is saved by using solar energy. If you’re one of the 10% of households that have increased your free solar self-consumption by about 36% from March, then you’re aware that your consumption accounts an extra $1.70 in savings each day, and about $153 over the past three months, considering the average tariffs.

Electricity Consumption

With the mild weather still reigning over Australia, energy consumption is expected to increase in the coming winter months. Households will also be turning on their lights and heating systems for longer every day. With this being said, many experts agree that even though solar electricity production will experience the usual decrease, solar energy will potentially remain big during winter, counteracting larger household energy consumption.

More Positive Impacts

If you don’t have solar electricity but are realising how beneficial it is using solar energy, it’s not too late to get it. Solar installations can be carried out without risks of transmission or exposure. All installations can be performed with minimal face-to-face contact, and power bills will be positively impacted as people take control of their own usage.

It’s essential to continue following regulations. Remember to stay safe by keeping social distancing at the forefront of your mind. Practise good hygiene as well, by washing your hands with soap and hand sanitiser as often as possible.

At Bellingers Electrical Contracting, we don’t only care about solar power and the efficiency it has in your lives and homes, but your safety and well-being too. Get in touch with us for solar electricity services.

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