If you’re mulling over the idea of having solar panels installed on your Townsville home, you’re in the right place! Aside from offering free, renewable energy generated from the sun’s rays, the Queensland government is offering various monetary incentives to help you cover the costs. Let’s take a look!

Solar Rebates Available For Townsville Homeowners

Solar panel installation on your Townsville home, you are entitled to generous Federal Government Solar Rebates to help you cover the costs of installations. Why? Because the Australian government is on a mission to encourage residents to rely on more sustainable, eco-friendly power sources. Essentially, you are entitled to a certain number of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) based on the size and location of your panels. Each STC holds monetary value and combines to form your overall rebate. And the more panels you install, the higher the value of your solar rebate. Here’s how much you’re entitled based on the size of your solar system:

  • 2 kW     $1080
  • 3 kW     $1620
  • 4 kW     $2160
  • 5 kW     $2736
  • 6.6 kW  $3600
  • 10 kW    $5472

How do you get this rebate? The team at Bellingers Electrical will handle the application on your behalf. Once the rebate comes through, we will discount it from the overall cost of installation.

Solar Power Rebates Available For Townsville Landlords

Townsville is also one of the lucky locations chosen by the Queensland government as part of the Solar For Renters Trial. This way, renters get to enjoy the same benefits of solar power as homeowners do – and landlords get to enjoy the rebates thereof.

Landlords can get rebates that go as high as $3,500 if they install solar systems on their rental properties. As it’s the trial phase of this scheme, there are only 1000 rebates available so speak to your local solar specialist ASAP!

Solar Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Available For Townsville Homeowners

It just gets better! Townsville homeowners also have access to a FIT. This means that any excess power generated by your panels is fed back into the grid – and your energy retailer will pay you for it! Usually, the harsh UV rays we experience during the day result in your panels generating more power than you use in your home. As long as your panels are connected to the grid, this excess energy will feed back into it.

The FIT is the monetary value that gets paid back to you at a fixed amount paid per kWh of excess energy. However, some retailers are more generous than others – so do your research!

If the costs were the only thing holding you back from installing solar panels, the various monetary incentives offered to Townsville residents like you obliterate those barriers! And the certified solar specialists at Bellingers Electrical can make sure you get to enjoy both.

Contact us now to discuss the perfect solar panels for you and get started on your rebate applications!

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