If you are an eco-warrior and have already converted your home, your office, your restaurant, or your factory to solar power, we salute you! If you are about to earn your eco-warrior wings and are considering installing them, we are cheering for you.

The solar power energy system concept is very reliable and should offer decades of problem-free performance. Annually the efficiency, cost and longevity factors continue to improve. If you want to test your current, or your future solar panels, to monitor whether they are working as optimally as expected we have compiled 5 tips for you.

1. The Weatherman

When the weatherman predicts cloudy, rainy days then you must be prepared to see a dip in the performance of your solar panels. They will still be working but it can happen that your solar panels might drop to operation outputs of 10% to 25% of their rated capacity.

Don’t let this discourage you as it one piece of the bigger picture. The overall important measurement is: what is the quantity of sun that your geographical location gets throughout the entire year?  If your specific micro-climate has a common occurrence of cloudy and rainy days they will not, on average, have a material impact on your overall return on investment.

2. The Invertor

The inverter is the brains trust of the whole solar energy setup you have in your home, office, restaurant etc.  Like all brains, some work better than others and will cause different performance and saving results from different systems.

E.g, a domestic setup performance will be different if they have a traditional inverter, a micro inverter or a direct current-optimizer (DC) or if the panels stay on or off.  If you see red or orange indicator lights your solar energy setup could be having challenges.

3. The Meter

Depending on the system, your meter will usually cycle through different information screens. If will display the solar energy setups output and, if you connected to the supplier, then it will share the information with them.  The energy generation screen that is displaying the total kilowatt-hours is the one to look at.  If your checks show kilowatt-hours are increasing then you have a happy system.

4. The Bill

If you have a fall back option that switches you onto the main electricity grid then you will see a plummet in your electrical bill.  Depending on your setup you should receive lower billings for electricity or credits for energy you are reversing onto the main grid.  If this is not happening, and you have not added new appliances to your location, then your solar panels are potentially not performing correctly.

5. The Professionals

If you connect online to your solar power supplier then request them to do an online test.  If you are not connected online then you ask for a solar power professional to do a scheduled visit and perform an onsite check.

Be a part of the ecowarrior movement, call Bellingers Electrical Contracting for affordable installations, testing, cleaning and maintenance of solar panels in Queensland!  With many years of converting locations to solar, we’ve got the solar panel expertise you need.  Your expectations will be exceeded rather than your budget.

Get in touch with one of our solar specialists for a free quote today

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