If your business has a large space that needs efficient cooling or heavy-duty machinery that generates a lot of heat, then you need a commercial chiller! Investing in a chiller installation in Townsville, the business will pay for itself over time. It will protect your equipment 24/7 and prevent pricey machinery being rendered useless by critical component burnouts.

It does this by exchanging the heat using water, rather than toxic chemical refrigerants. It removes heat from the water, which is then circulated through a heat exchanger to cool down equipment and the air. To help you understand the advantages a commercial chiller will have for your business, here are four benefits a commercial chiller will bring.

#1 Perpetual Protection For Your Equipment

Cooling down equipment is crucial to avoid overheating and burnouts that result in lost time – and lost profits! But, standard air conditioning just won’t cut it. A commercial chiller installed by licensed professionals is a cost-effective way to keep your assets cool and protected 24/7. This way, you’ll avoid stroke-inducing replacements that you may not be able to afford!

#2 Cut Down On Costs

Although chillers cool using water, they don’t waste it! Instead of drawing water from outside sources and expelling it into your sewerage system, they continually circulate the water. This will save you thousands in water and sewerage bills in the long-term

#3 Colossal Cooling Output

Considering running a chiller is much more affordable than other alternatives, you may think it’s cooling output would be sacrificed. Well, you’d be wrong. Depending on the size, a commercial chiller can generate between 180,000-18,000,000 BTUs of cooling per hour! Where standard air conditioning fails, commercial chillers triumph – especially for vast industrial spaces!

#4 Energy Efficiency

A commercial chiller will help you save money on monthly cooling costs – and the environment! Why? Because they’re energy-efficient, much more so than standard air conditioning systems. By using less energy to perform the same task just as well, they help to reduce power plant emissions!

These benefits are indisputable and precisely the reason our team at Bellingers Electrical has spent years providing commercial chiller installations across Townsville! We’re highly experienced, licensed and insured to offer practical and protected chiller services. We’ll take you through everything you need to know and ensure a smooth, speedy and stress-free installation!

Got questions or qualms? Contact us, and we’ll break it all down for you!

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