After filtering through hundreds of electrical technicians in Townsville and finally finding the right one for your needs, it can be incredibly frustrating when they start dropping the ball.

They probably showed signs of inadequacy quite early on, but it’s difficult to simply stop doing business with someone you’ve trusted for so long and start the process of finding a replacement again.

However, you need to know that it’s necessary. Electricity is a dangerous, destructive substance in untrained hands. And in unlicensed hands, it’s downright illegal in Townsville and Queensland as a whole.

In fact, unlicensed electrical work holds fines of up to $40,000 for individuals. And where death or injury occurs, this can skyrocket up to $600,000!

Whether licensed or unlicensed, however, this highlights the necessity of working with experienced, professional, and quality electrical technicians

To help you make your decision, here are four signs that you need a new one!

#1 Unconcerned With Safety

If your electrical technician ignores simple safety measures, such as wearing safety gear or adhering to COVID-19 regulations, there’s no guarantee that he doesn’t do the same when performing electrical services.

Is he using up-to-date equipment when performing safety checks? Has he bothered to let you know that your switchboard is in dire need of safety switches? Is he turning off the power when working with live wires?

You can’t be sure.

Any electrical technician worth their salt considers their reputation, as well as your and their own safety, a top priority – and you deserve one that does!

#2 Unreliable

Is your electrical technician always late? Do they take days to return your calls, if at all? In this case, it’s a sign that you cannot rely on them when you desperately need their help.

Suppose you suddenly experience an electrical emergency, like smelling burning metal or water damage. How can you be sure they’ll answer your call, let alone arrive in time to prevent it worsening? You can’t. And that, in my opinion, is not a risk I’d want to take.

#3 Untimely

Maybe your electrical technician is arriving randomly, with no warning signs, and leaving just as abruptly. This is a sign that more shady things are going down.

Firstly, it shows that they do not respect your time nor the business you’re giving them, which is worrying to say the least.

Secondly, it’s likely that they’ve become greedy and are juggling as many jobs as possible, giving high promises, and sneaking off to other jobs to make good on them (as well as popping over to you whenever they see fit to get those extra hours in).

#4 Secretive

If an electrical technician provides high-quality workmanship, you would struggle to shut them up about it!

If yours doesn’t advertise their services on mainstream channels or is refusing to divulge simple business information, this is a worrying warning sign that they may not be licensed, insured or ethical – or all three.

Some shady electrical technicians have been known to refuse to give out a phone number or even make up fake names. This helps them disappear when faulty work causes costly problems!

If you’re dealing with any one of these problems with your electrical technician, please feel free to contact our team at Bellingers Electrical for advice or our specialist electrical services.

As Townsville’s leading technicians, you can be confident you’ll enjoy unrivalled transparency, experience, and electrical solutions – our reputation depends on your happiness!

Check out our testimonials to see the level of service you can expect, or contact one of our trusted technicians on 0418 231 309 to calm any qualms.

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