Put your toolbelt down and step away from the fuse box! Us Aussies love getting our hands dirty with DIY jobs to make our lives easier and cheaper. But, in some cases, DIY will cost us more than it will save us.

DIY electrical maintenance and installation, in particular, has many risks. You not only risk making the problem worse and causing costly damages, but it will even risk the safety of your Townsville home, yourself and your family!

To help you understand, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t even try it.

#1 It Sparks Electrical Fires And Electrocution

You may consider yourself capable, but you can’t ignore the fact that you’re untrained and inexperienced! Without the proper training, tools and safety gear, you’re playing with fire. You can easily electrocute yourself. Something as small as forgetting to cut the power or reverse polarity can electrocute you in seconds! To put this into perspective, Australia’s standard voltage is 220-240 volts, and fatal electrocutions have been recorded from volts as low as 42!

Speaking of fires, a seemingly ‘complete’ DIY job can have hidden faults and defects. This is a ticking time bomb that can short circuit your house and cause an electrical fire.

#2 It Can Cost You More Than A Sparky Charges    

Without a qualified electrician, you’re going to make mistakes. These mistakes may seem small but can cause a knock-on-effect of problems that’ll cost you more in the future than a sparky would cost you now. You could worsen the current issue or create new ones. And remember, with electrical work, there’s no space for trial-and-error!

#3 It’ll Short Circuit Your Insurance

If your DIY disaster causes damage to your home, your insurance won’t cover it. They’ll quickly identify the cause as unlicensed electrical work and refuse any form of cover or payouts. This is especially tragic in the case of an electrical fire.

#4 It’s Illegal

In Queensland, DIY electrical work (which includes installations and maintenance) is straight-up illegal. Fines can go as high as $40,000! Ouch.

In the end, it’s just not worth the risks! Legally and logically, you need to hire a qualified electrician to help you with electrical maintenance and installation. You’ll find exactly that and more in Townsville with Bellingers Electrical! With us, you’ll enjoy the highest level of master electrical work with true transparency.

Contact us today for expert electrical work whenever you need it!

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