Regular electrical maintenance tends to be the last thing on most business owners’ to-do lists thanks to the old, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ mentality.

However, with the complicated integrated electrical systems of commercial properties, this sentiment doesn’t hold. Their interconnectedness makes them vulnerable to several failures and faults, which result in potential hazards and costly downtimes.

Regular electrical maintenance eliminates the potential for problems, proactively prevents damage or injury, keeps your systems up-to-date, and even improves energy efficiency.

Even so, it’s most likely been a while since you’ve had a professional give your business’ electrical system some TLC. You’ve probably already noticed some issues. In that case, here are four serious signs that you need professional electrical maintenance ASAP!

#1 Circuit Breakers Tripping On The Reg

Circuit breakers are designed to trip to prevent overheating or overloading. However, if it’s happening regularly, you’ve likely got a problem on your hands.

Sure, you could just reset your circuit breakers whenever they trip, but it’s that mentality that got you here in the first place. The underlying issue needs to be identified and remedied before this problem gets costly – or dangerous!

If your circuits are overloaded, they’re overheating and ignoring them can spark a fire you’re not prepared for. An experienced electrician will be able to test for and find the source of the overload safely – and attend to the health of the whole system to prevent shortages and future overloading.

#2 Flickering Office Lights

Although annoying and distracting, you may be surprised to hear that this obvious sign of minimal maintenance has more serious consequences. Not only is it incredibly costly, but it also causes headaches, vision issues, and damaging voltage fluctuations.

A licensed electrician can identify the source and solution, be it an overloaded circuit or outdated wiring. If this issue involves more than one room, you should call one ASAP!

#3 You’re Located In An Older Building

Older buildings, by definition, need more frequent regular electrical maintenance, safety checks, and inspections.

In this case, your electrical system is almost definitely outdated. Not only is this worrying in terms of the latest codes and regulations, as well as increased electrical costs, but it can also be dangerous. For example, if your wiring is decades old, it’s insulation is likely worn and a potential fire hazard.

If there were any sign to worry about, it would be this one. You need to find a licensed electrician who is experienced in commercial electrical systems to maintain it, identify and replace old components, and install modern safety switches.

#4 Warm Electrical Outlets

This is a surefire sign you’re well overdue for electrical maintenance services. You’re likely dealing with loose wiring, a faulty circuit breaker or an old breaker that was switched out with a high ampacity breaker that allows higher current levels than your circuit was designed for.

In the case of the latter, your wiring is essentially mismatched. And in both cases, the extra heat generated can be damaging and even spark a fire if left unattended for too long.

If you notice any one of these serious signs, please feel free to call one of the trained technicians at Bellingers Electrical for urgent electrical maintenance services.

We specialise in electrical repairs, installations, and maintenance services for large-scale commercial properties. Using years of experience and continually updated training, we will optimise your business’ electrical system whilst preserving business continuity.

Get a quote for electrical maintenance now!

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