Australia’s scorching summers are getting hotter and hotter each year, which was made evident in the summer of 2019 when temperatures reached record-breaking levels!

Although uncomfortable, all this sunshine means that Australia enjoys the most solar radiation per square meter in the world.

Simply put, this is perfect for solar power!

With all the solar radiation we need to generate clean, free energy, it’s no wonder Aussies are racing to switch to solar.

But, why has solar power become so wildly in Townsville?

Let’s find out!

#1 Free Source Of Renewable Energy

Like I said, Australia gets the highest levels of solar radiation worldwide.

So, after paying for the initial installation fee, residents have realised they can enjoy a natural, free source of renewable energy at their fingertips!

And by renewable, I mean it doesn’t run out! No matter how much solar radiation their system absorbs, it’s continuously and naturally replenished by the sun.

The best part? This guilt-free energy is squeaky-clean, meaning no harmful emissions are made to generate it!

#2 Financial Peace Of Mind

As energy rates continue to rise, residents have realised that investing in a solar system will save them money – and pay for itself over time!

Essentially, by generating energy directly from the sun, they’re able to replace the energy they’d usually pay for.

The money they save accumulates over time, offering a return within three to six years!

On top of that, when connected to the grid, residents can actually sell their excess power through solar feed-in-tariffs.

And because solar is such a successful, sustainable energy source, the Australian government provides renewable energy rebates and incentives to help residents cover installation costs!

#3 Increased Property Value

Solar-powered homes in Townsville are considerably more valuable than those that rely on municipal electricity, as energy bills are significantly lower and warranties are easily transferred!

Not only that, but it also improves the environmental ratings of Townsville properties, which is especially seductive to today’s environmentally conscious buyers.

#4 Especially Environmentally Friendly

Last, but definitely not least – solar power is renowned amongst Townsville residents for helping to reduce not only their carbon footprint, but that of Australia as a whole!

Unfortunately, to meet the demands of 60% of its energy needs, Australia is using damaging, unrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels (gross).

By opting out of this unsustainable system and generating their own clean, renewable, emission (and guilt) free power, they’re significantly reducing the impact on the environment!

After seeing the evidence, it’s no wonder solar power has spread through Townsville so quickly! And as technology advances, its benefits just keep getting better.

Now that you’re ready to switch to solar, it’s time to turn to Townsville’s leading solar specialists, Bellingers Electrical Contracting! Using only the highest quality systems from renowned brands, we guarantee you’ll enjoy sustainable energy for years to come.

Contact us today for cost-effective, competitive rates!

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