Over the last 5 years, solar power system prices have dropped dramatically. This clean and renewable energy source is now cheap enough to be easily accessible for the average Aussie. In fact, your solar system will actually pay for itself! The monthly savings you make on electricity bills will accumulate over time and easily cover the costs of a solar installation in Townsville home!

Still not convinced? Here are three guaranteed benefits of going solar in your home.

#1 Drastically Reduced Electricity Bills

After paying for the installation, solar power systems will generate energy from the sun’s rays for free! This energy flows directly into your home and powers everything that would usually run on electricity. This way, you’re replacing the electricity you’d usually pay for with the energy your solar system has generated from the sun – free of charge! With electricity prices soaring, switching to solar is the smartest decision you could make. And one that you won’t regret. The savings you make will ensure you see a return within 3-6 years!

#2 Reduced Carbon Footprint

By generating electricity from the sun, solar power systems produce absolutely no harmful emissions. In fact, for every 1MWh of solar power generated, you’ll avoid producing 1 tonne of C02. In simple terms, this means that switching to solar will reduce your carbon footprint more than taking the bus to work or getting an electric car!

#3 Increased Value Of Your Home

If you decide to move houses, a good quality solar system will be hugely seductive to prospective buyers! Solar warranties are easily transferred to the new homeowners. This means it’ll provide them with a reliable source of clean, free energy to power their home life for decades to come.

Considering the fact that quality solar power systems are highly energy efficient and eco-friendly, they’ll also boost the environmental rating of your property. They’re especially desirable for environmentally conscious buyers, which most are nowadays!

Now that you’ve seen the evidence, you’re likely itching to find an electrician for your Townsville home solar installation! Here at Bellingers Electrical, we’ve worked with every solar system and issue in the industry. We only install the highest quality solar systems sourced from industry-renowned brands. We’ll take you through everything you need to know and ensure a swift, stress-free installation in one go.

Got questions? We’ve got the answers! Contact us today and ask away!

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