Your electrical system is the heart of your home, pumping much-needed electricity throughout its vein-like network of wires. It powers your daily life, from your Wi-Fi to your stove. When something goes wrong or needs an upgrade, you need an electrical technician that you can trust. Someone who can get it right the first time and respect you and your property.

Unfortunately, with so many companies offering their services in Townsville, many residents have been settling for any old electrical technician – unbeknownst to the standards they could be receiving. Well, Bellingers Electrical is here to change that! Here are three signs that you deserve a  new electrical technician.

#1 Frequently Fluctuating Prices

Sure, estimates are never truly set in stone. Often, underlying issues or unexpected problems can pop up. If your electrical technician’s estimates are constantly changing once the job is complete, you’re likely being ripped off.

Many shady electrician technicians will draw you in with low prices, making you an offer you can’t refuse. Then, once they begin the job, the price suddenly becomes wildly expensive – sometimes double or triple! In that case, we’d recommend finding someone else, as they’re clearly taking advantage of your lack of industry know-how.

#2 Tactically Technical Terminology

If you’re like most homeowners, it’s unlikely that you’re well-versed in the highly technical jargon used by electrical technicians – that’s why they ‘dumb it down’ to help us understand what’s going on and avoid any confusion. However, some will try to use it to scam you.

Dishonest electrical technicians have been known to embellish problems using highly technical terminology to scare you into believing the problems are severe. The end result? A panicked homeowner with an outrageous bill for a problem that doesn’t warrant it. If your technician refuses to speak in common terms, you may be getting scammed too.

#3 Faulty Equipment

Does your electrical technician arrive armed with the right tools in working condition? Or does their equipment fail mid-job? If this happens, or they’re constantly asking to borrow your tools, it’s not a good sign. This indicates that their standards are low, and likely their services too. Any electrical technician worth their salt relies on their tools to ensure quality, successful work. If yours won’t sacrifice some savings to get their hands on the latest tools, you cannot be sure that their work will last.

If your electrical technician shows any of these signs, it’s about time to get a new one! Otherwise, you’re wasting your money on someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart and cuts corners to make more money at your expense.

As Townsville’s local specialists, we at Bellingers Electrical are ready to step in. As a family-owned and run business, our morals and code of conduct are close to our heart. We want you to enjoy quality work at logical, affordable prices so that you will keep coming back.

Contact us now if you need any faulty work assessed for safety and fixed!

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