When solar panels entered the energy market, a gold-rush-like phenomenon occurred amongst electricians. Some underwent thorough training and certification to become full-blown solar specialists and installers, while others cut corners through trial-and-error and simply listed their service online. If you’re here reading this, you’ve likely had your solar panels installed by the latter.

If you’re skeptical about the quality, installation, and performance of your solar panels, the Townsville installers you hired may have ripped you off. While we hope that’s not the case, here are some things to look for in a poor solar panel installation. You can be the judge of whether your previous solar panel installers have done right by you, or not.

#1 Solar Panels Extending Over Your Roof

This is a well-known industry no-no. In fact, for your solar panels to be legally allowed to breach the edges of your roofing, your solar installers would need an engineering certificate granted by a Townsville structural engineer! The reason for this is simple – it’s dangerous. Wind can easily weaken the panels’ fixtures by blowing underneath them, even lifting them up when the wind is particularly strong. You also risk having rainwater streaming over your guttering system, rather than into it.

Your solar installers should have taken your property and location into consideration, as well as the installation regulations of Townsville and the panel manufacturer. If not, you may need a certified solar installer to assess the issue and remedy it ASAP, as there may be other risky mistakes or negligence.

#2 Yellow Or Browning Panels

Are your panels looking discoloured? It could be that they’re suffering from ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) degradation, meaning that their clear encapsulant has failed. If they’re brand new, you should contact your installer to discuss why and demand a warranty replacement. Otherwise, you may have a serious problem on your hands. They may be experiencing hotspots which can become a serious fire hazard if left unattended. These are caused by extremely low-quality solar panels – something you should have been warned about when browsing with your installer. These need to be replaced under warranty immediately, as they can also result in decreased longevity and power losses.

#3 Exposed Wires Or Cabling

This is an extremely dangerous case of negligence on the part of your installer. Any experienced, certified solar installer would never have done this, as it causes the protective layer of insulation to degrade and reveal live wires. Not only is it an eyesore, but it poses both fire and electrocution risks. In Townsville, all solar panel cables are required by law to be encased in a conduit. This is a serious red flag and indicates that you need a professional solar installer to remove this risk ASAP.

If you notice any of the above issues in your solar panels, get in touch with an experienced, certified solar installer in Townsville immediately – like Bellingers Electrical! As a family-run business, we run off of deep-set morals and strive to ensure our customers’ homes are powered by safe, sustainable energy and ethical practices. Whether you need new panels installed or help with fixing your current ones, we’ve got your back.

Contact us now to schedule a time to assess and fix your botched solar panels!

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