Whether at home or in the office, your switch board is the brain of your electrical system. It relays electricity throughout its wired veins to several circuits and outlets in your building. With the rise in power-hungry modern devices and appliances comes increased pressure on your switch board and overall electrical system, making upgrades vital for those that are over 15 years old or malfunctioning.

In fact, switch board upgrades are essential to prevent electrical fires due to faults, comply with the latest Australian electrical regulations, save money on continual repairs, and handle multiple modern devices safely. But how does one know when switch board upgrades are needed? Our expert electricians have listed three serious signs that the time is now!

#1 The Smell Of Scorching

Do you notice a burning smell coming from your switch board? This signifies faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit within that may be coming into contact with flammable building materials. Remember, where there is smoke, there is fire. If you smell something burning, it likely is! Call an electrician immediately to avoid a fire!

#2 Short-Circuiting Appliances

If your switch board is outdated, it’s vulnerable to being overloaded as it won’t be functioning at the required capacity. This will cause electrical appliances to short-circuit frequently, which happens when a large volume of current flows through a pathway that cannot handle it. Short-circuits can quickly result in appliance damage, electrocution, and fire! In this case, you need to call an experienced electrician ASAP to upgrade your switch board.

#3 Frequently Flickering Lights

Are multiple lights in your building frequently flickering? Flickering such as this is usually a sign of an inconsistent power supply caused by loose wiring in your switch board. This may be due to its age or damage and is a surefire indicator that an upgrade is needed before this problem worsens and becomes dangerous.

If you notice any one of the above signs, you should consider booking an upgrade for your switch board ASAP to ensure the continued safety and energy efficiency of your household or business.

In that case, get in touch with Bellingers Electrical Contracting! Our technicians specialise in safe, neat, and effective switch board upgrades, repairs, and installations according to the Australian Standard AS3000. We’ll take our time to ensure that your upgrade is safe and efficient, wiring and labelling is neat and precise, and every component is tested.

Contact us today to book an upgrade or request a quote here!

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