Electricity is both a life-giver and a killer. It flows through our homes and businesses lighting our way, offering warmth, and connection. However, its currents can also pass through our bodies to reach the ground and wreak havoc on its journey when handled carelessly or without experience.

Qualified electricians should always handle electrical problems, but sometimes even homeowners who exercise caution have felt its raw power from not fully understanding it. That’s why our electricians are on a mission to educate Townsville residents on lesser-known electrical safety tips! Let’s take a closer look at this week’s top three.

#1 Perpetual Protection For Outdoor Plug Points

Sure, flat covers do offer protection for outdoor plug points, but what about when an extension cord needs to be plugged in for a long time? Think Christmas and faerie lights, BBQs, and so on. In these cases, your plug point will be exposed to the elements and wet conditions where swimming pools are concerned. In fact, most states actually require that plug points near damp, wet, or exposed areas are properly protected. That’s where ‘in-use’ or ‘bubble’ covers come in. They can cover both your plug point and extension plug at the same time, ensuring perpetual protection from electrocution or sparks. You even get weather-resistant and tamper-resistant plug points for added peace of mind.

#2 Never Tape Down A Circuit Breaker

Our electricians are desperate for Townsville residents to understand the purpose of circuit breakers, to avoid putting themselves and their homes at risk. Simply put, circuit breakers protect you by breaking the circuit and cutting the current to a faulty circuit or appliance to prevent problems from worsening. If your breaker keeps tripping up, it’s a sign that there is an underlying problem at hand it’s protecting you from. By taping this breaker down, you’re only ignoring the problem and taking away the only thing preventing it from causing electrocution or sparking a fire.

#3 Live Wires Are Not Always Brown, Nor Neutral Blue

Sure, this is the rule-of-thumb when it comes to home electrical systems. And yes, in most cases, live wires will be brown and neutral wires will be blue. However, a realistic perspective comes with experience and unexpected electrocutions like our electricians have experienced after working on several older Townsville homes. Home electrical systems are complicated and have often been worked on by several different electricians over the years – with no guarantee that they were properly trained or following code. Thanks to this, you can often be confronted with a tangle of wires, electrical tape, wire nuts, and repurposed wires with different coloured insulation. Essentially, making assumptions based on colour can put you at risk. If you’re not experienced with working on home electrical wiring, especially if you don’t have professional safety gear or a non-contact voltage tester, it’s often not worth the risk.

That’s where the electricians at Bellingers Electrical Contracting come in! With our experience, training, and dedication to safety protocols and practices, you can be confident that we will do everything we can to educate you on your electrical system while upgrading, repairing, or maintaining it on your behalf.

Please contact us if you need professional electricians in Townsville or are worried about the safety of your electrical system!

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