Electricity is a phenomenal substance that flows through the veins of houses and businesses and brings warmth, light, and protection to our everyday lives. However, electricity is also highly volatile, requiring expert, experienced electrical contractors when being handled. Whether you’re consistently dealing with power problems, keen to upgrade your home electrical system, or interested in learning more in general, this is the blog for you!

From saving money to staying safe, the electrical contractors at Bellingers Electrical Contracting have compiled the top three home electrical tips they think all Townsville residents should know.

#1 Low Voltage Does Not Equal Low Risk

Now, we’re not going to scare you into thinking you can’t handle low-voltage systems or wiring. They are not as dangerous as working on your electrical breaker box. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous at all. In fact, low-voltage systems can cause injury or even death in extreme cases if caution is thrown to the wind. Voltage is not what you should be worried about – it’s the current that’s harmful. If low-voltage wiring has an unusually high current, you could easily get hurt. And sometimes neither the voltage nor the current gets you, but the shock that causes you to fall from your ladder or the spark from a poor low-voltage connection that causes a fire.

#2 Beware Of “Vampire” Devices

At Bellingers Electrical, our contractors often get call-outs from Townsville residents who complain of high electricity bills but no obvious cause in sight. Sure, sometimes insulation issues and energy-inefficient light bulbs can be the culprits. However, there are lesser-known power-hungry suspects that homeowners often overlook – vampire devices! Appliances and devices with ‘standby’ mode or remotes need to turn on quickly and maintain a steady stream of power to do so. These devices drain your home of its electricity – especially when they join forces with charging devices that continue to consume power even without being plugged into your phone or laptop.

#3 Protective Gear Only Protects When Properly Made

Rubber is an excellent insulator against electricity – but not just any old rubber! This is something that all Townsville residents need to know. Wrapping yourself in rubber gloves and boots before tackling a tricky electrical problem may give you the confidence boost you need, but you are not safe from electrocution. Unfortunately, household rubber manufacturers mix in additives to cut costs and increase durability, meaning it is no longer pure rubber and you are not fully insulated from an electrical current looking for the path of least resistance to the ground. Rather, get your hands on professional safety gear designed for electrical work or, better yet, don’t take the risk at all and let our professional electrical contractors at Townsville handle it for you.

As you can see, there are several things the everyday homeowner like yourself is yet to understand about electricity and electrical safety. That’s why our contractors continue to try to educate the Townsville public on their electrical systems and how to save money and stay safe while using them. However, there is no substitute for years of training, qualifications, and experience. If you are ever faced with an electrical problem, come to Bellingers Electrical – you know we’ll put your safety and savings first.

Contact us now to answer any questions or visit our website to browse our residential services!

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